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Full body, low impact, high intensity. Together we’ll build balance, stability and stamina.


Perfect your technique and work up a sweat. (Options available for those with and without gloves, bags and pads.)


Stretch, and explore the mind-body connection with different yoga styles for all levels.


Work muscles hard with weights and bodyweight exercises in our strength and conditioning classes.

High intensity

Build power by training at your personal threshold to increase lung capacity and endurance.


Increase your strength, prevent injury, and gain flexibility through energising matwork.


Improve your range of movement and your joint mobility through challenging low impact strength and flexibility exercises.


Learn choreography, build cardiovascular endurance and improve muscle memory whilst having fun.


Enhance your strength, agility, and balance through fluid movements and static holds.


Make rest days count and aid recovery with classes focused on breath-work, sound healing and slow muscle release.

Experience studio energy at home with Live classes.

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Take part in real-time workouts and get live feedback from BLOK instructors.

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Discover the benefits of Cross Discipline Training.

Cross Discipline Training

No one workout suits everyone, and what motivates you one day might not cut it the next.
That's why we believe in Cross Discipline Training: combining classes from three different training concepts to create a bespoke training programme, focused on your unique goals and your personal progression.


Combine disciplines to stay engaged, and meet your body’s ever-changing needs.


Improve your mental clarity and creativity whilst reaching your peak performance.


Progress your fitness and learn new skills along the way.

Passionate experts with individual training styles to help you progress and discover new ways to move

Frequently asked questions.

BLOK is an award-winning fitness brand with 3 beautiful studios in London and Manchester. We believe in the joy of movement and the power of progression. We're here to inspire you to train creatively and sustainably, however and wherever you choose
BLOKtv membership gives you free entry to 60 Live classes every week, so you can experience the collective energy of group exercise every day. It also grants you unlimited access to hundreds of incredible On Demand workouts, so you can train whenever it suits you.
We offer a wide range of classes across 10 disciplines so you never get bored and can always find a class that suits your mood, and the time you have available.
Enjoy classes in Barre, Yoga , Strength + Conditioning , High Intensity, Pilates, Restorative, Mobility, Dance, Boxing, Calisthenics + Handstands.
BLOKtv offers classes for different levels, including people returning from pregnancy or injury, but we are not suitable for total beginners starting out on their fitness journey.
All BLOKtv classes are designed to be digital, so the only thing you need is a fitness mat. The vast majority of our are body-weight focused and require no equipment. A few classes include movements with basic props such as, ankle weights, resistance bands or a set of weights/kettlebells. Yoga blocks and pilates balls may be useful in some classes but are not required.
Our Live classes are broadcast from our studios in London and Manchester.
It’s completely up to you whether you keep your camera on or off, either way you’ll be able to get the most out of your Live class.

From training advice to health and wellbeing tips, discover a world where movement matters.

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