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blokbeat | blokparty

Expect high energy and specifically curated playlists in our BLOK Dance classes. Immerse yourself in creativity and work up a sweat! Dance tones and sculpts the body, improves your cardio fitness, balance and agility builds your muscle memory and musicality. Our instructor will guide you through each movement to ensure you hit every count, irregardless of your dance experience.

Boxing | Boxcon | BLOKparty | BLOKfit | BLOKcore | BLOKstrength
Strength + Conditioning

Strength + Conditioning should be the foundation of any training programme. Strength promotes weight loss through increased muscle mass, builds stabilizing muscles to support and protect your joints and improves your balance and posture. Conditioning enhances movement patterns, prevents injury, strengthens bones and improves your overall speed, strength and power.

Dynamic Vinyasa | Power | Yin | Dharma | Synergy | Rocket

At BLOK we have 10 types of yoga class, from physically challenging classes like Synergy where you will improve stamina and build up a sweat, to slow-paced Yin, there’s something for everyone. All sessions combine engaging physical practise to encourage flexibility with a mental aspect to help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

Cardio killer | bloksculpt | blokflex | blokfit

Our cardio classes offer more than a generic HIIT workout; challenge your body in multiple ways and learn new skills to build a strong fitness foundation. Work through short bursts of high impact, intense anaerobic exercises with shorter, less intense recovery periods to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength and metabolic health.

Boxing | Boxcon

Boxing combines sport and brain power, to bring you a highly effective mental workout that also has a physical effect on your power, strength, speed and agility. Whether you want to learn a new practice from scratch, build on your existing skills or get a full-body workout, boxing has something for everyone.

Calisthenics | Handstands
Calisthenics + Handstands

Calisthenics and Handstands are strength based workouts that use your own bodyweight. These skill-based classes reward dedication and perseverance by constantly challenging you to push yourself. Regular practise will help you to master your own body, develop upper body strength and build key strength building skills such as freestanding handstands, pull ups and muscle ups.

blokmove | pilates | yoga | blokflex

Mobility is where strength training meets flexibility. Using only your bodyweight you will increase your body awareness and build the correct technique for safe and effective training. In our classes that focus on mobility, there will be a specific focus for the class, expect to open and release all the main areas of the body during these classes. Other benefits of working on mobility include increased body awareness and interoception, balance and proprioception.

pilates | mat pilates

Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. Our instructors use both classical and contemporary approaches to create physically challenging classes which are open to all levels.

yin yoga | blokbreath | bloksound

Restorative focuses on two classes, Yin yoga and BLOKsound to promote relaxation, sooth the mind and heal the body. Sound can have a powerful effect on our bodies and emotions, stimulating the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies associated with peaceful states of mind. Yin enhances circulation, increases joint mobilisation and targets the connective tissues of the body.


Our Barre classes are designed to target and isolate small muscle groups using no or low weights with high repetitions within a small range of movement. Regular Barre + Ballet Fit will improve your posture, define and lengthen muscles and increase flexibility through low impact exercises.

Mobility + Flexibility

Cross Discipline Training

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