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BLOKtv is an online fitness platform, brought to you by award-winning studio BLOK. Membership gives you access to 60 live classes every week and more than 200 on-demand classes, with new content uploaded weekly. From boxing to barre, yoga to strength training, experience Cross Discipline Training from home with little or no equipment required. Try an online workout and learn new skills that strengthen your body and mind. 

We’re here to help you discover movement that continuously inspires you and to support your training journey every step of the way. This is why we specialise in Cross Discipline Training; exercising across different movement categories to achieve optimal health in an exciting, progressive and sustainable way

Each online workout at BLOK has a tried and tested structure to ensure customers know what to expect and receive a high-quality experience every time they visit. However, BLOK trainers are encouraged to make each class their own and offer a unique experience that reflects their personality and their distinctive take on a discipline. We pride ourselves on offering vibrant, effective and interesting classes. Not cookie-cutter, scripted formats where the same music and the same lines are repeatedly regurgutated in every session.
All exercise is intrinsically mindful and thinking about the mind-body connection is an essential part of training. This is scientific fact, not new-age theory. Focusing on perfection isn’t healthy. Challenging yourself to progress each time you return to the mat and enjoying the process is all you need to focus on.
We don’t focus on burning calories. There is no denying that weight loss is a key motivator for many people when training, but this should never be your only focus. Exercise has so much more to offer. Finally, rest is a fundamental part of training and comes in a variety of different forms – active recovery, active and passive stretching, foam rolling, breathwork and meditation.

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