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BLOKcore 1
29 min
Create a strong, solid foundation in our BLOKcore class. We will target the core and posterior chain to increase overall strength and stabilisation whilst also toning the lower body. BLOKcore improves posture and increases muscle definition. No matter what your starting strength is, we work progressively to increase your development class by class. Expect exercises such as mountain climbers, squats and leg raises, challenging your body through a large range of motion.
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BLOKsculpt 1
39 min
This full body workout combines isolating small muscle groups with high intensity cardio creating high fat loss and a long lean aesthetic. BLOKsculpt aims to tone and strengthen your body with a focus on your core and glutes.
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BLOKsculpt 2
51 min
BLOKsculpt is a hybrid full body workout combining high intensity, high impact cardio and small muscle isolations and isometric holds. Whether you are looking for greater muscle definition or a long lean aesthetic this class is for you. BLOKsculpt aims to tone and strengthen your body with a focus on your core and glutes. Expect to use loop resistance bands, gliders, ankle weights and more
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Full Body Conditioning - Week 1
41 min
This first class of the series takes you through a tri-set focused on glutes and core, featuring sumo deadlifts, lunges and deadbugs. We then move into an upper-body push-pull superset, before finishing off with 5 rounds of leg-focused movements to build muscular endurance. Support your joints, build muscle tissue, increase bone density, and promote fat loss with this challenging mix of compound and explosive movements to build strength, endurance and confidence. These workouts are suitable for all levels as all movements can be modified or progressed, and weights and repetitions adjusted to suit ability.
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