Introduction to BLOKFIT

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Full body
Cardio Strength
Strength + Conditioning High Intensity
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Recommended Classes
BLOKfit 1
41 min
Declan takes your through our signature BLOKfit class. BLOKfit is an intensive functional circuit class which will push you to your limits. This class will work on three mini circuits, with each circuit focusing on either upper body, lower body or core, giving you a complete full body workout while increasing overall endurance. BLOKfit is the ideal class to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness while all the time working towards a strong foundation.
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BLOKcore 1
29 min
Create a strong, solid foundation in our BLOKcore class. We will target the core and posterior chain to increase overall strength and stabilisation whilst also toning the lower body. BLOKcore improves posture and increases muscle definition. No matter what your starting strength is, we work progressively to increase your development class by class. Expect exercises such as mountain climbers, squats and leg raises, challenging your body through a large range of motion.
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BLOKstrength 3
43 min
Chloe leads our signature BLOKstrength class with a focus on squats and push ups. This class will give you a full body workout, making you stronger, fitter and leaner Strength training is a fundamental part of any workout programme. Helping to create a healthy balanced body, supporting joints and promoting sustainable weight loss.
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BLOKstrength 4
25 min
Join Tomas for a purely bodyweight version of our signature BLOKstrength class. This class will give you a full body workout, making you stronger, fitter and leaner. BLOKstrength focuses on a range of strengthening and toning exercises which work to make you stronger, fitter and leaner, whilst developing your balance, coordination and posture. Incorporating both isometric and isotonic exercises, each movement is set to a tempo, designed to make you perform to your optimum ability
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