Redefine the way you
move this January

Move less, progress more

This year we are asking everyone to rethink how they move with our January challenge.

Designed to help you develop sustainable training practices, our challenge will ensure you continuously progress in 2022 whatever your goals, slowly building from 3 classes a week to 5 classes a week.

What does the challenge
look like?

We’ve created a bespoke 12 week schedule based on our training categories - endurance, strength, flexibility, skill and reset, so you can choose a class that suits your mood and schedule.

However, if you need more guidance we’ve also suggested specific classes to attend.

How to join.

Enter your name and email address below and we'll send you instructions for Week One within 24 hours.

Every 7 days you’ll then receive a new email with directions for the week ahead, as well as the odd prize.

You can sign up any time before midnight on Jan 29th and do the challenge in one of our studios, on BLOKtv, or combine digital and physical training together.

If you'd like to use BLOKtv as part of your challenge, you will need access. Sign up here if you're not already a member.

Where you will be completing the challenge:

The benefits to you:
Training across multiple, varied
categories (also known as Cross Discipline Training)


Increases your fitness and teaches you new skills along the way


Keeps you engaged and avoids boredom and total burnout in January


Improves your mental clarity whilst reaching your peak performance


Allows you to continuously adapt your training plan to meet your body’s ever-changing needs as you improve and progress

Why we are doing this.

At the start of every year gyms around the globe see an influx of customers, armed with new year's resolutions to train harder than ever before. By the second week of February, approximately 80%* of customers have given up due to burnout, injury and boredom and another year passes without any improvement to people’s health.

We want to change this and help you create habits for a sustainable training program that sets you on the right path for the year and keeps you motivated month in, month out.

We’ve also made it 12 weeks because although you will begin to see and feel the benefits of the challenge within the first few weeks, it takes 12 weeks to see fundamental change and noticeable progress.