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Welcome to Cardio HIIT. Completed over four weeks, this advanced series of high impact, high energy workouts aims to measurably improve your overall cardio endurance, strength and power. These short, sharp, effective full body workouts can be done at any time of day, and require no equipment. They’re especially great first thing in the morning to get you up and going. The workouts in this series train the entire body using bodyweight, high impact, high intensity movements to improve strength and cardio endurance (the rate at which your heart, lungs and muscles work together). You will be working through four high impact, high energy workouts: one workout a week to complement a multidisciplinary training programme. Two challenges (at the beginning of week 1 and the end of week 4) will help you measure your progress. This advanced series is aimed towards those who have a solid understanding of HIIT and a good starting level of fitness.
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Cardio HIIT Challenge - Week 1
8 min
Our Cardio HIIT series is a four week programme aimed at people who have a solid foundation of HIIT movements, looking to build cardio endurance. The first challenge is a short, high impact, high intensity bodyweight workout designed to make you sweat.  This challenge sets the bar to measure your progress against over the next four weeks and will see you completing 50 REPs of 10 exercises as quickly as possible; with the aim of beating this time at the end of the series. All workouts in this series are designed to be quick and effective, perfect when you’re looking for real results, but are short on time. No equipment is needed, making it easy to do anywhere, pre-work, as an energy boost during your lunch break, or whenever and wherever you want to work out.
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Cardio HIIT Workout - Week 1
40 min
Welcome to Workout 1 of your Cardio HIIT Series. it's time to get started improving your cardio endurance. This high intensity, high impact workout is perfect for any time of day; in the morning to get you going, to get some endorphins flowing on your lunch break, or to let off some steam after work. Focusing on your whole body, the workout takes you through a series of movements that will increase your overall cardio and muscular endurance, and increase your strength through bodyweight movements. Suitable for advanced levels, this session requires no equipment and can be completed in just over half an hour.
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Cardio HIIT Workout - Week 2
40 min
Welcome to Workout 2 of your Cardio HIIT Series. In this session we will keep working towards increasing your cardio endurance, whilst lifting your mood and building your energy levels. Once again you can expect a high intensity, high impact full body workout, perfect for any time of day. Building on the previous week the movements become progressively more advanced, challenging your body as you increase your overall cardio and muscular endurance, and build strength using bodyweight. Suitable for advanced levels, this session requires no equipment and can be completed in just over half an hour.
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Cardio HIIT Workout - Week 3
39 min
 Welcome to Workout 3 of your Cardio HIIT Series.  As your cardio endurance and strength increase it’s time to step up the intensity as you progress to more challenging exercises. In line with your improved fitness, this class pushes you even further towards your goal with a full body, high impact, high intensity workout. Suitable for advanced levels, this session requires no equipment and can be completed in just over half an hour.
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Cardio HIIT Workout - Week 4
40 min
Welcome to Workout 4, the final and most challenging workout of your Cardio HIIT Series. As you enter your last week of the series, you should be feeling stronger, fitter, and energised. In Workout 4 the exercises advance once again; challenging you further as you head toward your goal of increased cardio endurance. Get ready to push yourself to your limit as you complete your last high intensity, high impact, full body workout. Suitable for advanced levels, this session just requires a mat and can be completed in just over half an hour.
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Cardio HIIT Challenge - Week 4
6 min
Having now completed all four Cardio HIIT Workouts this final challenge is your chance to see the progress you’ve made since Challenge 1 in the first week. Your aim is to beat your original Cardio HIIT Challenge time – giving you a measure of the improvement to your overall cardio endurance and your fitness levels as a whole (your power and muscular endurance.) Once again you will be working to complete 50 REPs of 10 full body, high impact, high intensity bodyweight exercises in as quick a time as possible. With no equipment required, this short, advanced level workout can be done anywhere; perfect for fitting into a lunch break or around a busy schedule
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BLOKstrength - Full Body Conditioning
4 classes
Build strength through tension, harness power through explosive movements and shape your physique with our BLOKstrength: Full Body Conditioning  series of classes. The four full body workouts in this series focus on strength training to support your joints, build muscle tissue, increase bone density, and promote fat loss. Each class uses a different mix of compound and explosive movements to build strength, endurance and confidence. Expect controlled compound movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups and overhead presses; whilst a combination of explosive movements (such as sumo deadlift high pulls, snatches and thrusters) add speed and power. A mixture of up tempo and rep ranges will continue to challenge your body in every session. Every workout features a thorough mobility section and a warm-up/priming specific to the movements to come. You'll then work through sections focused on lower and upper body, progressing your strength and technique. Finally, every part has a fun 'finisher' section to work on muscular endurance, test your mental strength, and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. These workouts are suitable for all levels as movements can be modified or progressed, and weights and repetitions adjusted. Regressions are offered to suit abilities and reduce stress if needed. Each class can be done as a stand-alone workout, but we recommend you do them in order as the complexity and intensity of the movements increases as you progress through the 4 parts in this series. Ideally we suggest doing one a week, mixed with other BLOK classes like BLOKfit, BLOKcore and BLOKmove, which compliment it well.
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Post-workout stretches
4 classes
Elongate muscles, release tightness and increase mobility with this relaxed-paced stretch class. Perfect for anyone looking to counteract the tensions created by sitting at a desk all day, balance the effects of high intensity fitness training, or wanting to improve their posture and prevent injury; this session focuses on improving muscle length and releasing myofascial (connective tissue around the muscles) tension and tightness to increase mobility in your lower body (hamstrings, glutes, quads, ankles and feet).   With a series of slow, held stretches this class is ideal post-workout, as stretching when warm is the most beneficial. This video can also be used as a stand-alone session first thing in the morning or last thing before bed.
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Be a Better Boxer
3 classes
‘Be a Better Boxer’ is a three part series designed to develop your boxing skills. It’s perfect for boxers of all levels, anyone wanting to introduce boxing to their training schedule, and those who enjoy skill-based learning. Expect a detailed thorough tutorial before each session,low and high intensity technique-based drills, and steady progression to build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of boxing. Each 40 minute class is a full body workout, with a focus on your core. The first session focuses on stance and guard, footwork and straight punches, the second offers a detailed breakdown of hooks and uppercuts, and the final session introduces you to the art of defending with your feet and trunk, taking you through key defences and counter attacks.
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