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Core Strength and Conditioning

Challenge your body with natural movement patterns to improve core strength and stabilization, carrying through into every movement you make in life. A stronger core means a stronger foundation of support for your body.
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Core Strength and Conditioning
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Core Strength and Conditioning 1
42 min
Challenge your body and strengthen your core with our series of BLOKcore workouts. In this first class of the series we concentrate on going back to basics in order to focus on form: simple core movements, done well. We will work through a series of isometric holds mixed with slow and controlled exercises, identifying and controlling individual muscle groups, to build and maintain correct form. The class finishes with a 10 minute challenge to set a benchmark for you to measure your progress against as you work through the series.  
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Core Strength and Conditioning 2
39 min
The second class in the Core Strength and Conditioning series builds on the previous session by adding in more dynamic movements, whilst continuing to use isometric holds to build muscular endurance. We will look at how to practice common movements (e.g. bicycle crunches, push-ups and mountain climbers) with good, supported technique. The session finishes with a challenging AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) to raise your heart-rate and test your ability to retain form whilst moving at speed.  
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Core Strength and Conditioning 3
40 min
In this third class of the series we begin to introduce some advanced movements, challenging your balance and as we work through some single sided exercises. The session finishes with a fun challenge to push your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  
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Core Strength and Conditioning 4
42 min
This fourth and final class of our series steps up the intensity once again by adding even more dynamic movement, and combining previous exercises together to engage and challenge different planes of movement. We finish the series by repeating the 10 minute challenge from our first session so you can see for yourself the progress you’ve made.  
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Recommended Series
Strength + Conditioning Activation
3 classes
Our series of 10 minute Strength and Conditioning Activation drills will perfectly warm up and prime your body for any workout. Each of the three classes focuses on simple but key activation exercises to prime specific muscle groups, readying them to take on the demand and stress of what’s in store. These isolating exercises use your bodyweight to help you feel a quick burn; signalling that your muscles are activated and ready to carry you through your workout. Each session of simple bodyweight exercises can be used individually or combined to match the demands of your workout ahead. Variations are given to progress/regress to suit your abilities making the series suitable for all levels, with no equipment required. Designed to be used before a workout, our Strength and Conditioning Activation sessions can also be used as stand-alone body weight strengthening.
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Backbends and Hips
4 classes
Deepen your backbends and open your hips as you build strength and flexibility in this four part series. In each class senior teacher Michael takes you mindfully through a sequence of low impact, long holds and deep stretches to build strength and mobility. The first and second classes focus on the stability and flexibility of the spine and shoulders, to safely deepen and strengthen your back bending postures. Classes three and four move the focus to the hips and hamstrings, with exercises and postures to increase strength, flexibility and mobility. Suitable for all levels, you can use these classes regularly and in any order. For session one you will need a pair of blocks (or books).
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BLOKstrength - Full Body Conditioning
4 classes
Build strength through tension, harness power through explosive movements and shape your physique with our BLOKstrength: Full Body Conditioning  series of classes. The four full body workouts in this series focus on strength training to support your joints, build muscle tissue, increase bone density, and promote fat loss. Each class uses a different mix of compound and explosive movements to build strength, endurance and confidence. Expect controlled compound movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups and overhead presses; whilst a combination of explosive movements (such as sumo deadlift high pulls, snatches and thrusters) add speed and power. A mixture of up tempo and rep ranges will continue to challenge your body in every session. Every workout features a thorough mobility section and a warm-up/priming specific to the movements to come. You'll then work through sections focused on lower and upper body, progressing your strength and technique. Finally, every part has a fun 'finisher' section to work on muscular endurance, test your mental strength, and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. These workouts are suitable for all levels as movements can be modified or progressed, and weights and repetitions adjusted. Regressions are offered to suit abilities and reduce stress if needed. Each class can be done as a stand-alone workout, but we recommend you do them in order as the complexity and intensity of the movements increases as you progress through the 4 parts in this series. Ideally we suggest doing one a week, mixed with other BLOK classes like BLOKfit, BLOKcore and BLOKmove, which compliment it well.
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