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A 3 part series taking you through the fundamentals of a different asana within each video. By the end of the series you will understand the mechanics behind Chaturanga, Crow Pose and Pincha and be given some key drills to work on to make sure you're nailing the pose every time. This series progresses with you, if you're a beginner start at the Chaturanga class, if your practice is more advanced then move start working on your Crow Pose or Pincha.
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Yoga Drills
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Chaturanga Drills
2 min
What is ‘Chaturanga‘?  We hear this term countless times in a vinyasa class, also known as ‘low plank’ or ‘four-limbed staff pose’.  In this short clip, Alan breaks down exactly how we practice this posture, and teaches us drills to ensure our bodies are strong enough to practice it safely.  Your shoulders will thank you!
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Crow Pose Drills
3 min
Often the first step in our inversion practice, we are frequently offered Crow pose in power yoga and vinyasa classes.  Here Alan demonstrated how we can safely and comfortably transition into Crow pose, starting our hand-balancing journey, and from there move with strength into tripod headstand, before flowing into chaturanga.
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Pincha Drills
5 min
If Pincha Mayurasana feels a hundred years away, then these drills are what you need! Alan teaches us what parts of our body need to be open and strong, and demonstrates some drills we can use to achieve this.  Get ready to float up with ease!
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Principles of Arm Balance
3 classes
Develop core and upper body strength as we explore the fundamentals of three of yoga’s less familiar arm balances:  Flying Lizard, Flying Pigeon and Eight Angle pose.  Following the arm balance postures in this series will teach you to find correct alignment, and strengthen and condition your whole frame through the isometric engagement of your muscles.  The poses help to develop core and upper body strength, and to increase mobility in the lower body.  Over the course of the program you will discover the three different arm balances in easy to follow progressions. After taking you through some basic preparation for each pose you will learn how to work through these progressive stages towards the full variation. This allows beginner and experienced yogi alike to explore each pose at their own level, encouraging everyone to extend and progress their practice.  By gradually growing each pose from its foundations you will learn to overcome fears and gain acceptance about where you are on your yoga journey; building confidence and self-esteem.
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Yoga Synergy
2 classes
Yoga Synergy is a traditional yogic strength and mobilisation series focused on releasing tension in the back. This accessible practice builds stability, mobility and strength, counteracting the effects of sitting at a desk all day.   This practice is also perfect for those new to yoga, helping to build flexibility and prepare you for the fundamentals of power and vinyasa yoga.   In the first class you will progressively work towards a handstand press, whilst releasing tension from the lower back and shoulders.  The second class is a yoga practice focused on the feathered peacock (Pincha Mayurasana) forearm balance   Expect to train muscles and build up a sweat without raising your heart rate in these energy giving classes, and enjoy a calming effect on the body whilst sharpening the mind.   These practices are perfect for all levels, with adaptations given for beginners and more experienced yogis.
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Energising Morning Flows
5 classes
Our Energising Morning Flows are a series of quick classes to get you moving, wake up your body, build heat, and leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day. Each short flow is a low impact workout for the entire body that builds strength and flexibility; helping you grow whole body awareness and develop a moving meditation through breath and movement. In each class we move dynamically and functionally through postures and stretches, using your bodyweight and shorter holds to strengthen and tone, and core work to build strength and heat in the body. Suitable for all, the classes grow progressively more advanced to create a challenging series for beginner and experienced yogi alike. This low impact series is short and effective, and requires only a yoga mat, making it easy to fit around your schedule. Although ideally practiced first thing, the classes are beneficial practiced at any time of day, and in any order.
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